Tuesday, February 22, 2011

re lactation.

So, as I said in a previous post. I would talk about my breastfeeding journey when I was ready & less of a touchy subject.
Well, I am ready.

It first started out great. Then she wouldn't latch on so I used a nipple shield or as the hubby called it my "extend-o nipple". This worked wonders, but then she wouldn't have it.
So I was just pumping and bottle feeding. In my mind, at least she was getting the nutrients & I was keeping eye-contact & touching her during the feeding, I felt no disconnection. So I was happy. She would latch great during bath-time, but that was only time, so werid.

Then I got my breast infection, & this is where it all started.
She start projectile throwing up, yes she has reflux but it was going beyond that.
My stored supply was dwindling so I was supplementing.
Well, then it was out, & I was no where near off penicilion yet.
So, we went full on formula. 
Bad idea, this made her tummy worse.
We switched to soy, & it was a whole new baby.
No spit up or anything.

So here we are at 3 months, still on formula. When I noticed my milk came back in. I did some research, learning that at 3 months most babies tolerance goes away! On top of that I have learned so much research on re lactation! After consulting a lactation consultant & my own google research, I started on re lactation journey, about 2 weeks ago! I started with a pumping schedule, but I started to slack. I am now on a very much strict schedule now. & I am starting fenugreek 3x a day tonight. I have also tried to get her to latch, & she does like a champ its like a whole new baby; but then she gets so ticked off that not enough is coming out. 

I really hope I can be another success story to re lactation. I recently read someone saying "I know I was ment to breastfeed" - I couldn't have put it better. 
So, here we go! You guys are now apart of my re lactation journey, it going to be hard very hard! 

my life=pumping for the next several weeks!
I am sooo excited!


  1. Rylin was the same way with the projectile vomiting and reflux. She started refusing to breast feed and it became a battle and had me sooo stressed out all the time. Her Dr. also determined she has a milk allergy so now we are all soy and she is happy, healthy, and has projectile vomited since. I applaud you for re-lactating.

  2. good luck! i hope it all works out for you :)

  3. I'm so proud of you! I REALLY hope it works. Keep us updated!

  4. I'm so proud of you! Re-lactating is HARD since you have to constantly be attached to a pump. I'm in the process of re-lactating as well and am SO happy with my decision to do this. I'm taking Fenugreek 3x a day as well as Domperidone. I had to order in online (overseas) I went from pumping NOTHING to pumping 12 ounces a day. Stay strong, have faith, and keep at it. You CAN do it :] If you EVER want to talk to me, feel free to!

  5. Just read your comment on my blog. I got the Fenugreek at a local GMC Store. I think you can basically get it at any health food store type place.

  6. here is my e-mail, just in case. rose.jessica@hotmail.com

  7. Good Luck Tara : ) I thought breastfeeding was the hardest part of having a new baby. I LOVED the bonding time and those precious little faces looking up at you is amazing but there were times that I just wanted to break down and cry, and believe me plenty of crying occured. Malina had a slight case of jaundice when we left the hospital and she wasn't gaining weight so I had to do supplemental feedings as well. Only one of my nipples worked so once I started the supplemental feedings I just did all her feedings through a bottle. Pumping is a lot of work...
    Hope that your milk comes back good and that everything works out : )

  8. How amazing!
    I'm still pumping a couple times a day right now, because to be honest I'm not exactly sure how to STOP. I tried to give Elliot a bottle of breastmilk a couple days ago, but that ended in a trip to the ER that I was too upset about to even blog about.
    Unfortunately, this baby is not going to be breastfed.
    I'm SO GLAD that you are able to do it again, though! And, yes... I'm incredibly jealous, too.
    I know how annoying pumping is (I was doing it every 1.5 hours at one point) but it is SO WORTH it, huh? :)

  9. This is amazing! I'm wising you all the luck in the world.


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