Thursday, February 3, 2011

can you resist?

didn't think so ;)


  1. oh my! look at the little face! congratulations on your beautiful angel * she is adorable ~ ~ ~ following from ...

  2. Beautiful girl! Fellow FTLOBlogger here. Was that a Sooners shirt I saw a post or two back? BOOMER!

  3. look at that little so adorable! we're so happy to have you on FTLOB thank you for being our recent feature :) your family is absolutey beautiful ♥

    i must say that picture that you have for your button is amazing, i love it!

  4. OH!! Love it!! What a CUTIE!! Stopping in and now following your journey from For The Love of Blogs : ) Looking forward to your post!!

  5. ADORABLE!!!! Just discovered your blog on FTLOB. Congrats on your little miracle. She is beautiful.
    Best, Jodi

  6. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! And no, could not resist. Congrats on the FTLOB feature :) Had to stop by and have a look around

  7. New follower here! LOVE your have sucha cutie! Congrats! Feel free to visit my blog at anytime! :)

  8. She is soo cute!!!! I have that same book, your babes first year, saved me a few times, its a great source, and I too am a miscarriage survivor.


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