Friday, February 11, 2011


Last year almost to the day Brandon got me a gift-card to an Aveda salon here locally. It was to get my nails & feet done. I ended up using it in the summer for my nails, but with my pregnancy going from being the hospital to pre-term labor the whole time I just didn't have time. So with it expiring I called to see if they could get me in.

Great news, they could! I was pretty excited I was getting close to smooth feetsies. Mine are to point they make that awful noise on the sheets when I move. {i know i know yuck, hence the needing of get these puppies pampered haha} So, I am talking to her then I said something to Kennedy & she laughed. The lady on the other end asked if I would be bringing her, of course I was. I don't leave her with anyone with monitor (back on by the way, just not as often) & something happen & me not be there. {well I never liked leaving her}

Well, no babies allowed.

If she were to cry it would disturb the other clients.

This is my first encounter with a non-baby friendly place! Before having Kennedy & TTC I by-passed anywhere that had babies & they seemed to be everywhere & now a place where they aren't allowed.

Have you experienced a non-baby friendly place?


  1. hm..i can't think of a non baby friendly place off the top of my head that i've encountered..
    however, i can see their point. between the fumes and others coming to 'relax' at a spa and get away from children, jobs, infants..but bummer for you:( did you end up going then, or no!

    also-thanks for your sweet comment on my blog post! things are much better now, but yes, it's hard to no go into panic mode. sorry it's taken me so long to comment back:D i havent been on too much!

  2. I would have so unstood if she said it was the fumes, & I do understand people need to relax,
    it just stinks cause she would be sleeping the whole time & I obiously wouldn't sit there with her wailing her little heart out haha

    & no, I didn't end up going. I don't know if I will since I rarely go anywhere without here.

    They said "it isn't fair" & "it would be different if she was client, so maybe if I let them paint her toes she will be a "client" & I could go ;)

  3. First off - thanks for leaving a comment on my blog because it meant that I found your amazing corner of the internet!!

    I haven't come across anywhere blantantly anti-baby - although I've got the stink eye here and last week when I was doing a guest lecture at a college and breastfed Kale in the student pub afterwards. We've been lucky so far - I can handle the stink eye, but would probably really annoyed with anyone who told me I couldn't bring my baby somewhere.


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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