Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so what wednesday


This week I'm saying so what to..

  • I wear my husbands clothes to bed, & around the house more then my own
  • if i start thinking about lunch at 930
  • when people ask me for my awesome recipes, on the card i give them under the "from the kitchen of" i put my name instead of giving credit to "the nest" magazine
  • if I watched teen mom last night, & personally wanted to kill one of them
  • if i press "0" every time to get to a real human even if i heard "3" was the option for me
  • i ignore friend requests from that girl from high school, then when you run into them say 'hmm i never got one' :p
  • that I will cry during the last episode of Oprah
  • if i truly believe big sunglasses hide my non-make face from the world
  • if my yoga pants have become so all-purpose, I should just call them pants
  • if I put on heels when we get there, im not trying to be anyones hero
  • if im in complete denial my daughter is about 2 days away from being out of newborn onesies :(
What are you saying so what to?

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  1. i totally hit 0 instantly - i hate automated systems and the likelihood of me loosing interest in what i'm calling for is pretty... either that or i'm going to be beyond upset that i have had to hit 927763 numbers just to realize that I need to actually talk to a person and not an automated system!

    hope your having a great day!
    your daughter is TOO cute!

  2. OHHH I will hafta watch Teen Mom!! That show makes me crazy, but I have to keep watching it? I must like putting myself through ususual cruel things... I press 0 too... and I prefer to wear yoga pants all the time too... its not our fault they made them soooooo comfy!

  3. I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but let me guess: Jenelle? Because I'll do it with you. If everyone that wanted to punch her got one shot in, it would be a misdemeanor we would do community service for...actually, I would argue to the judge that it was my community service punching her.

    Ok, I'm not really that violent, but she really grinds my gears...more than Farrah ever did.

    Oh, and I totes take credit for recipes when I hand them out. They don't care if I got the recipe from my best friend's aunt.

  4. I second Ana...JENELLE! Ugh! I got weepy with the stuff going on with Leah too. I hope Ali is ok!

  5. I can relate to soooo many of these -- most importantly -- yoga pants, dialing 0, Oprah, and the whole denial about my babies getting bigger.
    Wonderful post!

  6. I start thinking about lunch around 9-10 everyday too! It takes me and my best friend that long to figure out what we are in the mood for each day. Usually we have to start with what we are NOT in the mood for :)


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