I am day late on the weekend review BUT...This weekend was fun & busy! Friday, Brandon & I went out on our first date night, since buggy! I haven't left her for more than just over an hour & when I have I am less than fun to be around. All I can think about is her, what's she doing ect ect. So, I promise to be tons of fun & try not to dwell on being away from her...to much ;)

We started the night off @ Reb Lobster, YUM! It was odd to eat a whole meal in one seating, instead of increments. Bug seems to always want me as soon as the fork gets about a inch from my mouth haha. We stopped at a gas station where I cheated & called my mom asking how she was & to send me a picture, while Brandon went in. She was fine, sound a sleep in he nana's arms. I was just worried she would be really fussy for her, since she has been not able to sleep long with her teething, poor baby. But, "she was fine".

Next stop was a comedy club, it was so so fun. They have a 2 drink minimum there, I was somewhat freaking out A) because I rarely drink & haven't had more than maybe a drink since we start TTC over a year ago B) helllooo, I have a baby to take care of tonight. I ended up getting a drink that was in jar which counted as 2, & luckily wore off by the time we picked her up! The two comedians were HILAROUS. The last comic did alot of children & marriage which had us crackin up!

Saturday was full for me, I had to shoot 2 family session; so I was yet again away from my baby. (insert sad face with big lip) & Sunday I had another, I got to shoot two beautiful twins but, they were friends of ours so we got to bring baby, had pizza & got to talk about the baby-life. The twins are just shy of 6 weeks older than Kennedy, & the friends we went out with Friday either had no kids or older kids, so that was refreshing to have those conversations with them :)

Hope you all enjoyed ya'lls weekend as well!
To check out the session I did this weekend head on-over to my photography blog HERE.

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