Kennedy has the soothies "newborn" binkys

They worked well in the hospital, beings she was using me as a paci. Now, approaching 8 weeks & for the past 6 weeks she just can't keep it in her mouth. It falls out & she gets really mad, & screams until she gets her bottle. But, I don't want her on the bottle just to soothe her, because that is just asking for obesity let alone I don't want her to think whenever she is bored she needs to eat.
I have lots of binkys from my baby shower, all varying in months & brands. I tried a parents choice 3 month...
..that was a no go. Then I tried a Bengals paci that Brandon had gotten her for Christmas that came with a bib,
paci &bottle.
And she loved it! But- that is also labeled for 3 month. & I don't know how to get more. I don't want her to only like that binky--me lose it & that is the only one she takes. (not that I want her binky-dependent) But,  she is very comforted by having a nipple/bink in her mouth.

So, what is your childs favorite binky?  Which do you recommend? Did you baby have trouble with soothies & what did you switch to; or did you wait til they were 3 months?

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