This week I'm saying so what to..

  • I wear my husbands clothes to bed, & around the house more then my own
  • if i start thinking about lunch at 930
  • when people ask me for my awesome recipes, on the card i give them under the "from the kitchen of" i put my name instead of giving credit to "the nest" magazine
  • if I watched teen mom last night, & personally wanted to kill one of them
  • if i press "0" every time to get to a real human even if i heard "3" was the option for me
  • i ignore friend requests from that girl from high school, then when you run into them say 'hmm i never got one' :p
  • that I will cry during the last episode of Oprah
  • if i truly believe big sunglasses hide my non-make face from the world
  • if my yoga pants have become so all-purpose, I should just call them pants
  • if I put on heels when we get there, im not trying to be anyones hero
  • if im in complete denial my daughter is about 2 days away from being out of newborn onesies :(
What are you saying so what to?

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