This week I'm saying so what to..

  • I buy the cheapest TP
  • I like spending the day at my parents, I don't have to cook
  • I some times just shove it in the closet, & call it clean ;)
  • I'm guilty of dosing off during those 3 AM feedings, thenI realize the nipple of the bottle is in her ear, & she doin the whole mouth open trying to find it thing; opps.
  • I don't actually listen to your parenting advice, I just nod & smile & so "oh really". You do it to.
  • I sometimes start my to-do list, with things I have already done
  • its 5 in the evening, yup I'm still in my pjs
  • sometimes I don't turn the hubs shirts right side out when folding laundry.
  • I laugh when montel,maury or judge hatchett says.."earl you are not the father"
  • yeah the sink is full of dishes, the living room is a mess, there is laundry to do.. but do you see this little girl I'm on the floor giggling with. It can wait...until tomorrow...maybe.
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