I don't know if it just because I struggled with IF & ML so you mommaS that had no problems with conceiving will have to clue me in on this; BUT..

does it ERK anyone when people say, "just wait until there two you will be asking people to take her" or "you will be giving her away here soon" or "just wait until they start crawling, you won't want them all the time then"

I understand mommas need breaks & there is nothing wrong with that; but why is it such a crime in todays world to WANT to spend time with your child?

& I TRY to do things as natural as possible & im also not allowing her to watch TV till she is 2 because of some studies I have seen, I will allow her the occasional disney movie though, & the typical "well I did it & I turned out ok." when it comes to doing things naturally or my ways of parenting!

ok, rant over.

I mean who wouldn't want to be around this 24/7!?! :)

Also, Kennedy has a ingrown toenail that litterly happened overnight; how is this possible? I trim them ever week if not more.

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