Well, we went to the dr today for Kennedy's toe like I mentioned in my last post.

I dont know if you can see but it is the left big toe.

I had a few other things I wanted to talk to him about, that I didn't want to wait til the 2nd for her wellness exam.
 So the exam starts, first she is weighed a whooping 12lbs 7 oz! 
He looked are her little piggy, says we need a ointment  to put on it for 4-6 weeks & let the nail grow out then file it, not cut.

still happy even at her appt.

Then I ask about her breathing, at her last wellness, I asked the nurse if the gasping noise she was making was ok/normal. She said yes & it was just her getting stardelled.

But, then about 2 or so week ago it started she would stop breathing, mostly a few min into sleep but also when awake, but I chalked it up to being stardelled. Why I haven't mentioned it? I was in denial. NOTHING can be wrong with my baby...or so I told my self.

So, I brought it up very non-chalant me thinking he would say it was no big deal. WRONG. She did it in front of him. & he was very concerned. 

To cut to the chase, Kennedy gets her apnea monitor {she going to hate to be hooked up to anything} this evening when home healthcare comes to the house & will explain the get up & what to do ect.

If it isn't apnea then it will be Sandift Syndrome ultimately this is the diagnosis we want, well we don't want either but we have no choice. At least in my eyes. To sum up Sandift for you it is when reflux keeps her from breathing. & can be corrected with some zantax & sleeping upright-ish. & apnea there isn't really a medication to help. & infant apnea can be very scary.

This is all very frightening, her dr ended the appt asking if I knew Infant CPR, which I do I have been a Pre-K teacher in previous years. But, thought of using it...on my child? Terrifying.

"mom, that dr's hands are wayy to cold"

The only thing about all of these is she is stopping breathing, & the "episodes" are getting longer. Which is extremely scary. I have been a wreck, nothing is supposed to happen to my baby :(

Hopefully this monitor will give the dr some insight onto what is going on so we can rule out one or the other, or if not either go on for further testing so we know what is going on with my bug.

& the thing is the past two nights, I have told Brandon I just had a "feeling' something wasn't right with her breathing, I didn't know what but I kept checking her a thousand times the last 2 nights. I guess god gives us mommas these intuitions for a reason.