Dana over at Hankcock Heir gave me the trendy blog award!

Dana has the most ADORABLE little boy named Aydan. I love the honesty of motherhood in her blog, & all around good humor weather it comes to a waiter balancing bowls above her sons head or my favorite posts of "if Aydan could talk.."

Thanks for the award Dana!

Here are the rules:

1. Post about this award
2. Pass it along to ten other bloggers
3. Leave a link to the Trendy Blog button so they can grab HERE

Here are 10 other blogs besides Hancock Heir

1. The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow - Kelly is 12 weeks pregnant!!! We have almost similar miscarriage stories, & I am so happy she has made it this far! Her NT is the 17th! I can't wait for her to get her happy ending! :)
2. And A Baby Makes 3! - Samantha I think if we met we be such great friends! Her mister man is almost 2 weeks ago! & looks just like momma, so obviously beautiful!
3. Our Little Family- Christina & I grew up together & she is new to the baby blog world!  She is waiting on her second beta on Monday! & I am so excited for her & her husband! They will be great parents!
4. Our Little Lifesicle- I love the love this momma has for her adorable little girl! I love that she talks about all her trial & tribulations as mother & what she learns from them! Her babygirl is being oddly fussy, so hop on over & give her some words of encouragement!
5. Diary of A Devil Dog Wife- Marah's blog is so fun & always has something going on! Not to mention she about to have this pretty awesome giveaway, head on over & check it out; tell her I sent ya :)
6. Maybe If I just Relax- Jen was pregnant with twins & sadly lost one of her dear little girls. She is struggling with one of dear babies, Ainsley; with life in the NICU. My heart can not reach out more to her during this time of struggle. I pray each day for her family & her little baby girl.
7. TART- Has the most adorable retro little girl, need I say more?
8. My Sweet T- & Tracey is exactly that. So sweet. As well, as her darling Jillian who is just over a month old!
9. Becoming a Family of Three- 2 week old Yorlee is just to die for. I love reading the love her Momma has her.
10.  The Pitter-Patter- After a struggle with infertility, Clare became pregnant naturally in November! Im so happy for her &  can not wait to follow her pregnancy, she deserves this so much!

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