yup! you heard right, 9 weeks! next week we will be in the double digits. hmph. where did the time go.

Dearest Kennedy,
As you sleep next to me, mouth wide open, the usual; looking so adorable my heart about burst from the seams with joy. The love & joy you bring into my life is truly unexplainable, & to big for words. But, I will try to do so. You have gotten over that "newborn hump" when  you are really starting to get a personality of you very own. Your energetic, in the morning..Momma thought this would be hard for her; but you were in the same in my belly so I became accustom. Although, seeing your HUGE gummy smile is alot better that you kicking the crap outta me. You are so lovable & cuddly. You like to be around me all the time & get rather fussy when your not. Although, you love daddy-time; but after about an hour you need to see my face or be held by me. I'm not complaining. You are starting to laugh, & I don't think I have ever heard a more beautiful noise.  You think I am just so funny, which is quite a compliment cause daddy never thinks my jokes are funny. I told him one day he would see just how funny I am, & you prove it. :)

Daddy & I  knew you were gonna to be speical, because you were such a miracle, & such a fighter from the very beginning. You exude are expectations. It seems like no matter what you do, you can instantly bring a smile to our faces & we look at each other with such thankfulness that you are in our lives. You are constantly making noises & I mean constantly; they are HILAROUS. You are moving those lil legs so fast right now, you even have been kicking the lens of momma's camera when I am taking pictures of you! Your favorite thing seems to  be when your laying in bed with daddy & I with all the covers off & we just lay next to you on our sides just gazing and babling baby talk to you. You probably think we are crazy, but you smile anyway.

Sweet baby, you growing so fast. To fast in my opinion. I remember the day you came into this world like it was yesterday, fast, happy & quite.Daddy on the other hand is all for this thing called growing. He has so much planned for you. He can't wait til you say "da-da" (which is trying to do now, feel free to go ahead & say ma-ma first, no pressure.) He can't wait to take you outside & play in the backyard, go to the zoo & do all sorts of "daddy things" with you. He loves you so much Kennedy.

Well you are about to wake up, & eat (you do this alot, chuck-a-butt) & we are gonna rock out this day of 9-weeks-ness. But, I wanted to make sure I told you today, how much I love you.

Love always,always

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