Yup, you heard it right. We co-sleep. I got this idea for this post from a fellow blogger.
I love my blog friends, because they don't look down on me for it. If I were to bring this up outside of the blog community, {those of whom co-sleep know about this} you get"the look", & the "I would NEVER do that" " that is so dangerous" "good luck getting her into her own bed". 
There is such a awful stigma against it.

Excuse me while I growl. :)

I no longer breastfeed {soft subject, I plan on posting about this when it is a less sensitive subject to me}
I start cloth diapering at home next month!
Here are some facts:
1. Co-sleeping Can Further Both Trust and Independence: Children who shared sleep with their parents are actually more independent than their solo sleeping peers.
2. Parents Are the Ultimate Security Blankets: Children feel more secure as a result of being close to their caregivers and children who co-sleep do not need replacement security figures.
3. Co-sleeping Can Have Positive Effects on Self-Esteem and Family Closeness: A little one welcomed into the family bed receives countless hours more tender snuggles, and more affection than if she were left alone to sleep.
4. Children Who Co-sleep May Be Easier to Get Along With and Better Adjusted Than Their Solo Sleeping Peers.
5. Everyone Sleeps Better: Scientific studies have shown that a family who sleeps together actually enters the different stages of sleep together almost simultaneously.

I love that Kennedy is right there when she needs me. I do not like the whole "let her cry it out" maybe when she is two & I know she is being stubborn, but at this age she is crying for a reason. Even if it is to be held, then obviously she needed to feel comforted, which does not make her "spoiled'. {double growl}
It also makes breastfeeding a lot easier.
& everyone DOES sleep better.

Fun Fact: In a large group of child who co-slept there were no thumb suckers.

To answer the question: How do you co-sleep? 
It is either in her bassinet right next to the bed, or in her boppy between Brandon & I.
 She is in her sleep-sac & not under the same blanket as us. We go back & fourth between the two.

Now, I don't plan on co-sleeping forever, I really want her to get use out of her adorable nursery that I planned forever for. But, I really think everyone thinks this is such a taboo subject. 
& those of whom do co-sleep, be proud!

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