Today, Kennedy/bug/buggy/ladybug is 8 weeks. I can not believe it. 

As I sit here watching her sleep, this milestone of age is so hard for me to grasp. I am not sure why. Although, yesterday at the GAP my mom was, as always, buying a bunch of clothes for buggy when I found the cutest shirt that said "big sister" and got so sad that she is most likely never going to be able to wear a shirt like that. I remember when I was little, & on my Martin Luther King day speech in 2nd grade; I wrote "I had a dream.." to be a momma, & work as a sunday school teacher (apparently I wasn't informed, this is a non-paying gig) and when I went home with my gold star;  my mom told me "sweetie, you can have 10 babies" My mom lied. 

I am not trying to make this awesome day of 8 week-ness a downer. It is just making it all the more prevalent that she ihgrowing so fast. She is only a "infant" for 4 more weeks. & this is the last time I will ever have a infant. {sigh,tear}

So, as now my precious 8 week old is beginning to fuss & wake up. Im soaking in this week since for whatever reason it is so hard me. & holding her so tight.

On to the good stuff:

12/20-first time having meds
12/25-first christmas
12/30- we are officially teething {gasp}
1/1-first new years
1/4-first laugh
1/11 found her reflection. & hated it.

likes: her rattle, getting her diaper changed {aka being nakie}, mornings,when you make your finger go up & down her lips & make funny noises, her sides tickled, her puppies,riding in the car, her vibrating seat, FOOD, QT with daddy,going to bed to dave matthews & the beatles, momma holding me...constantly

dislikes: when momma decides to change my outfit 1 min after the first outfit, the first few mins in my carseat,when people stick thier tongue out at me, when her puppies lick her hand; she prefers her face (this is only when they sneak it behind my back),momma flash,the booger sucker,peek-a-boo,the sun in her eyes, putting her arms thru  her shirts, momma not holding me...constantly

the first part of this song is perfect for right now: