We had 3 alarms yesterday morning.
& 1 this morning.

I don't know if maybe after sleeping for so long it is hard for her to adjust to being up, or what it is.
But, depending on how you look at it, this is a good thing!

It really isn't bothering her to be hooked up to it.  I think it is harder for Brandon & I, to see her all hooked up to a machine. But, I am getting used to it & beginning to get a hang of getting around with it; & most of all not tripping on the freaking long cord while walking. UGH.

on a side note, dressing her with these stupid wires is so hard. Sleepers are the easiest, but if I use the zipper kind the wire comes out from the top & she just pulls on it. It all around just annoying.

27 days to go!

Again, I can not think all of you enough for the kind comments & emails! 
You really lift my spirits.