Sunday, January 30, 2011

public service announcement

Please do not complain every freakin minute on facebook about how much pregnancy sucks, you want to drink so badly & "this kid better be worth it"

There is a BILLION people that would love to be having back pain & not drinking for that very much worth it "kid".

I was kind of sad that after my post-op; I had the that kind of anger it came back to me oh so fast. I used to be so smug all of our time trying, & miscarrying. I would fume when my sister would come home from high-school &  say so-n-so got pregnant..on the pill. {god has a awful sense of humor}Or the one-hundredth person posted on their facebook, "Im pregnant". But then, I got to do it. I got to post that. Which so many other people have not.

Tell me, how can the anger come back so fast? I am so thankful for my little miracle, but why now does that anger come back to me so freakin fast? It was like "you may not be able to carry another pregnancy" BOOM, anger. I am not a angry person.  & so what I may not be able to carry another, I have a baby already. So why can't I be happy for these "opps I'm pregnant" people?

A baby planned or not, is a gift. & I shouldn't sit here & be angry about it.

I guess they aren't kidding that infertility stays with you forever, even after a successful pregnancy. I think it goes without saying that the losses do.

& can anyone else let me know why there is a girl I know who smoked & drank her entire pregnancy, on top of other things, has unbelievably healthy children, & I didn't as much as drink a drop of caffeine for Christ sake & my baby is sitting next to me hook up to a machine?

Yes, I am a little but hostile today. But, from the happy optimistic person I usually am, I am aloud to be freakin mad at the gosh dang world one day a  year.

Rant over.
Have a wonderful day ;)

I tend to offend people with my once a year rants on here, sorry if I did. But I needed to vent!


  1. Let it out. I understand the anger that comes from the announcments when all you want is to make that happy announcment also. I work in Labor and Delivery/Post-partum/Pedi and its so hard to see those babies go home with teenage mother and mom/dads who are all high on drugs and you can smell it from the hallway as you get ready to walk in the rooms. This is your blog and you are entitled to voice your anger, frustrations and hurt whenever you want. Hugs sweetie. Praying for peace for you.

  2. This drives me WILD as well.. glad I am not the only one who feels this way!!

  3. I can relate. Even though I was only pregnant for a short while, I could still not let go of the fact that it had taken us over 16 months to get there AND it was through the help of IVF. It still made me so very angry to see Facebook posts of pregnant women complaining about how uncomfortable they were or how they wanted a drink etc.

    I think infertility becomes part of who you are and becausse you have been there and felt the pain of it, you can't just forget it the minute you are pregnant or give birth. At least even now with your little miracle you are still understanding of the plight of others and can be sympathetic.

  4. Right on girl!!! It's your blog and you are allowed to do what you want! :)

  5. I totally agree! I just blogged about the same thing over the weekend!

  6. I think it's totally okay for you to rant! First of all, it's your blog!! Second, what you are ranting about makes perfect sense! We aren't trying to conceive right now, but I think about it all the time...the "what if we can't get pregnant" things. It is frustrating to me to see someone pregnant who didn't really want to be or who is wishing that they weren't. I can imagine it's even worse for you.

  7. You are completely allowed to rant. I am so happy to be pregnant and to be lucky enough to have had a very healthy pregnancy. It gets me so mad when I see pregnant women/girls treating their bodies so poorly when they have a little human growing inside of them. I may complain about my heartburn/back pain/inability to sleep but not once would I ever take for granted the little miracle I have growing inside of me. Thanks for this... I needed to read it :)

  8. I whole completely agree with you, I talk about this all the time. Im with everyone else AMEN!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!! Im a new follower from FTLOB!!!!


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