My little miracle,

I know what your thinking. Geez momma, another letter; so soon? What is it this time? ;) Well beautiful baby you are 15 weeks today. You are 3 months old, actually over. You went from newborn, to an infant.

Before you, I always thought to myself; a three-month old was pretty old in baby-age. By that time a momma should be used to be a momma by now, have everything down pat.  I was wrong.

I sit here still pinching myself that your here! I got pregnant, I stayed pregnant, I had a baby & now that baby is 15 weeks old! I am still as giddy as the day I found I was pregnant, I am still as happy as the day you were born. I still want to spend every moment with you. & I am still in awe of the perfectly awesome-ness that is "you".

In all my books, & check-lists this is the big month for you. I have already loved watching you grow so much, how you have changed & all the little new things you are doing; I can't imagine being more amazed by you but, you are supposed to really wake up & become your own during this month.

I know I have told you a billion time, & probally will for years to come; but you are so strong! This breathing thing is not bringing you down one bit! You could care-less about all these dang wires,that stupid strap & that crazy loud alarm? Doesn't phase you! It crazy that such a small baby can teach a momma so much. Expeically when I just want to break down at the sight of you. I thought you were laughing before, little did I know that was just a mild giggle, you really get to laughing now. & my whole heart smiles, not to mention anyone that is in eye-sight of that adorable smile of yours.

You looove books, every morning we read & you get so excitied as soon as it is in my hand; I have to remind you we haven't even started reading it yet! :) I also read you my million books I am reading, you seem to really like it. You are getting close to sitting up each day, it so funny watching you. You look like your out-of-shape momma trying to do a sit-up. You drowl, you drowl alot. Those teethers are getting closer & closer to making a bigger apperance each day.

So here I am, in the same place I was just weeks ago wondering where the time has went, how my precious little girl is growing more & more each day & coping with the fact that I can never get back these precious moments you with. Feel free to stay this little.

I'm loving at you fast asleep, in my lap. & I want life to stand still. Just you & me.
Now,  you waking up but, I wanted to make sure I told you today, how much I love you.


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