So there are so many lists, what not to say to a pregnant women, what not to say to women TTC with IF.
Well ladies, I give you "what not to say/do to a new/first time mom"

1. "Sleep when the baby sleeps."
- Ok, for the first however long your husband/partner has off after the baby, this advice is great. For after, come on. When the baby is sleeping, I have a house to clean, dishes to do, do you have any idea how much laundry a baby goes thru a day not to mention my husbands, dogs to feed, floor to vaccum, meals to plan {prego mamas: DO THIS, it will save time & help your budget} bottles to clean, have I had time to go to the bathroom? have I brushed my teeth today? I should probably eat today. Yeah, no I will not be sleeping when the baby sleeps. Unless you have a nanny, if you do. High-five to you!

2. "Just wait..."
- Nope I don't want to wait, my parenting is different then yours & our children are different. I can't tell you enough how much I hate any sentence that starts with those two words. I know, I know I've ranted about this before, but its annoying!

3. "OMG, you do that?'
- This normally follows after you say the way you do something most the time it has to do with attachment parenting. I usually get it after I talk about co-sleeping, or Kennedy not being able to watch T.V til she is 2. This erks the crap out of me! Personally I love to hear about different parenting styles, it may not be the style for me but I'm not gonna judge you for it.

4. Do us all a favor, & if all the pink or blue things on a child do not give away their gender, do not guess. Or after we tell you the gender don't tell how much our child looks doesn't look like it. It's rude.

5. Please do not put your "i have no clue where they have been" hands all over my child or in one of my cases kiss my child if I do not know you. It's freakin weird & I don't want your germs.

6. Breastfeed vs formula.
- Ok, I'm pretty sure we no the benefits.  But not everyone can. Don't make a mother feel bad. They already probably feel bad themselves. I recently read "formula isn't the devil, & breast-milk won't make your baby fly". As long as your baby is getting the nutrient he/she needs, don't judge.

7. "My baby was doing {insert milestone} wayy before that at {insert age younger than your childs}
- ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT. I am genuinely happy your baby was sitting up 2 weeks {over exaggeration for effect} but my baby just isn't there yet. Don't make other feel like they are doing something wrong.

8. Are you going to get rid of the dogs now that the baby is here?  {You may have heard this more when you were pregnant.}
- Nope, I am not. I don't know where you grew up, but most people I grew up with ,had dogs.

9. "you already took her out & she is only {insert age}"
- Yes I did. It's not like I'm taking her out in a onesie her to grandmas when its cold outside. I think if dress appropriately why not take your baby out, sometimes people need to go to the store people. I know its crazy.

10."is that normal? {insert a corky thing your child does}
- Yup, I guess my child is just a freak & makes funky noises but thanks for looking at her as if she has 5 heads.

What would you add to the list?

major slippage! can we get a vote?
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