Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yes, She may have a roll or two.
She is a bit of a chunk-a-butt
But she is HEALTHY
To the people of the world that think their two sense is needed:
NO I do not over feed my baby
NO she is not fat
NO she is not a baby sumo wrestler

Seriously, some biz-natch walked into my nieces birthday party & proclaimed
{10 second pause}

then later that evening telling there was no way she was  old as she was.  & if it was normal for her to be that big.


My neighbor while talking to Kennedy {which honestly is so annoying}
"Make sure your mom isn't over feeding you"

I like my chunky baby.
Chunky babies are a normal thing in my family.
She is not fat.
She is not obess.
She is a healthy 6 month old with rolls on her legs & arms.
Keep your comments to yourself.

Seriously what is with todays society that walking into a grocery store
gives the cashier & customers the right to tell you what to do with you child?
I had one cashier ask Kennedy {which again is annoying}
"does you mom torture you with those headband.yeah.shes so mean"
all of a sudden everyone but yourself knows when you baby is hungry & needs a diaper change
*slight whine*
peanut gallery-"she hungry."
her mother-"no she just ate"

This post was mostly a rant
& to say
YOU are  your childs mother
YOU know what is best for them
TRUST your motherly instincts & do not let ANYONE make you believe otherwise

& now a picture of my cute CHUNKY baby that I snapped after my session this weekend to lighten the situation!



  1. You're right! You're the mom, not anybody else. I think your little girl is adorable! I have a "chunky" baby too and I love it. We have healthy babies, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. Your daughter looks just fine to me. Baby's are suppose to have rolls here and there! And they won't start to come off until they're up and running around! It's NORMAL!

    I've had the same thing happen to us, and it annoys the hell out me! Strangers should not try butting into your business or try telling you how to raise your child. I would have told both of those people to shut up. I've had to tell some of our relatives to stop talking because they are not my daughters mother. I am.

    So next time something like this happens, definitely say something (it doesn't even have to be rude, although some people may deserve it). You are her mother and you know her best. :-)

  3. SHE LOOKS ADORABLE...tell them to shut there mouths

  4. you're so right! I love chunky babies & yours is adorably cute!:)

  5. I love my chunky monkey too! so cute!

    I hate when strangers (and people I know) make snide rude comments like that!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! that's me screaming at them!

  6. the nerve! She's perfect...UGH!! How dare they say that about her. She is completely healthy looking!

  7. oh my gosh i would be so frustrated! your baby is not fat! i was a fat baby haha! literally rolls upon rolls, but it's just baby fat people!


  8. people are so rude! People like to comment on how tiny Rylin is for her age and tell me that I need to feed her more! Little do they know she eats 3 jars of baby food and 32oz a day! Every baby is different and Kennedy is gorgeous!

  9. The nerve of such people! You rock because I would of totally "went off". She's sooo stinkin cute and who cares about baby fat, they grow out of it. Every child is different with different demands and needs, and to diet your baby because of a few rolls is insanely ridiculous. Rant on!!

  10. People just don't know when to keep their mouths shut!!

    She is perfect and healthy. I'd MUCH rather have a chunky monk than a skinny, unhealthy looking baby. I'm proud of every single roll on my baby's body, I love her big cheeks and I can't get enough of her chunky thighs. You're right--it's called HEALTHY. I guess I don't let it bother me because I think people generally mean well, but I often get comments about how cute her big cheeks are, and I am very proud of that and don't let anyone think otherwise.

    You're such a good mommy and clearly you're doing something right...Kennedy is crawling already and sitting up so well! She is perfect.

  11. girl, your baby is TOTALLY healthy (you know this) and people that often say this are a) not mothers or b) very old hags who forgot what it was like to have a baby.

    true statement.

    these people don't get it. babies have rolls. EVERY baby has rolls. In fact one of my friends...her baby is only 15 pounds, and has uber amounts of rolls. My baby is 17+ and still has rolls. But she's in the 50th percentile, and I wouldn't care even if she was in the 95th!

    It's normal.

    These fools just don't get it. And even if they did get it... they need to keep their mouths shut.

    I would slap a b {haha}. just sayin.

  12. She doesn't even look big in the pictures. It's soooo annoying when people give their two cents and you didn't ask!

  13. ughh... i know excatly what you mean!!! if my baby wants to be "borderline overweight" then so be it!! hahaha and fat babies are cute!

    i also HATE when people tell me that she is hungry... she just ate you nosey little b**ch so step away! :)

  14. perfectly said! I REALLY hate when they ask Truitt questions like that! "Oh do you want real food? Your momma is starving you!"

  15. Sometimes people say hurtful things, but don't think about it for a moment! Your baby is beautiful!


  16. Oh my gosh, your baby girl is NOT fat! She is barely even chubby, she looks HEALTHY!!! I've seen OBESE babies. The kind that their doctor says theydesperately need a diet. The kind that weighs 24 pounds at 4 months old. The kind of fat that is endangering their life. That's scary. But when a baby has rolls on her thighs, or chubby cheeks and a round tummy, that's GOOD!

    Props to you for not going off on her. I would have! I have people tell me that Hadley (born at 36 weeks weighing 5lb 14oz, but a month ago @ 4 months was 14lb 5oz) is wayyyy too TINY to be almost 5 months, an then I have people tell me that she is such a HUGE baby. People just don't know how to decide what they think, mostly because they have no freaking clue.

    Grrr sorry for the rant. Don't let them get to you. Kennedy looks perfect!


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