where has it went?
My blog everyday promise is now broken :(
seriously the days have been so busy

first off, kennedy is all over the place
now after my breaking news post, she has yet to crawl forward; not to worry tho she goes backwards haha 
she has been trying pull herself up on everything!
we started having her in her own room at night, I had a mild breakdown; I have went & gotten her every night
we have yet to do a full night; but she did nap in there yesterday
She turns freakin 6 months next week! 
we have her half birthday party on Sunday, I can't wait to share those pictures
we in baby-food-making-mode, she has had green beans & sweet potatos thus far
she also has been having some problems with her reflux, so the dr suggested yogurt+juice bottle
I give her one in the morning, & she loves it

The weather has been fabulous, I don't know if I have mention before but last year Brandon bought the most hillbilly truck ever. I secretly love it; & there is no secret I love mid-evening drives in the country with the loud thing!

We leave for Florida in 2 weeks, I am no where near ready. I have been babycenter-ing it up looking for exactly how to travel with infants, not tips on how to make it better; but like umm what do you do with the stroller & everything? If you have answers send um my way!

Since it has been nice I havent had to re-schedule any sessions so litterly I am booked all but about 4 days in the next 2 weeks! I have been working my tail off.

So this post really turned into a catch-up post. I promise for a more defined one when I get more than 10  mins, bug just got up so now she wants to play!