Since I am home generally 24/7
I have a insisent need to always decorate 
& like I have said before; I grew up in this house
so im constantly trying to make it feel like "OUR home" & see more of my decorating then my mom's.
So, in lieu  of spring cleaning 
I decided to change a few things up around the house

First up
we had my old piano bench next to the fire place with the dvd & junk on there
it was replaced with :
There will be another on the other side of the fire place but bugs pack & play is over there so that will wait.
the baskets are amazing for all her toys & dvds; before the toys were prettymuch lined up on the fireplace so this is so much better.

Now what did I do with that old piano bench>

I could never find a table to fit there, & this did perfectly!
I stole two of the baskets from above the washer & dryer
& used them to store shoes!
I would paint it, but apparently my childhood piano was super expense
& this bench will be worth money one day
I dont buy it, but I guess the blue will stay.

Now you say, well what did you in place of those two baskets?

Ok let me tell you a little something about these pictures.
When my family moved in we remodeled just about everything in this house, it was straight out of the 60's-70's
Now, do you see that paneling on in the back?
I had no idea that was there until I took this picture
I honestly thought all of this ugly-ness was gone except for our master bathroom that is like a freakin time warp, the one room that has been un-touched
anyway, this paneling must go.
On too the pretty-ness. I bought two smaller baskets at the dollar tree, & 4 jars, & 2 packs of closepins.
I think it looks super cute for just $8! 

we had a fountain outside up agianst the house
it was one that stood up & babbled down the rock
like the ones you see at the chiropractor or a spa
awhile ago I told Brandon I had a dream of a 3 tiered one
was out there, & thought we should get one
I looked but these suckers were expensive
& thought since we already had a expensive one out there we REALLY need another
SO what did I get for mothers day
a fountain :)

so pretty! :)