Yes, She may have a roll or two.
She is a bit of a chunk-a-butt
But she is HEALTHY
To the people of the world that think their two sense is needed:
NO I do not over feed my baby
NO she is not fat
NO she is not a baby sumo wrestler

Seriously, some biz-natch walked into my nieces birthday party & proclaimed
{10 second pause}

then later that evening telling there was no way she was  old as she was.  & if it was normal for her to be that big.


My neighbor while talking to Kennedy {which honestly is so annoying}
"Make sure your mom isn't over feeding you"

I like my chunky baby.
Chunky babies are a normal thing in my family.
She is not fat.
She is not obess.
She is a healthy 6 month old with rolls on her legs & arms.
Keep your comments to yourself.

Seriously what is with todays society that walking into a grocery store
gives the cashier & customers the right to tell you what to do with you child?
I had one cashier ask Kennedy {which again is annoying}
"does you mom torture you with those headband.yeah.shes so mean"
all of a sudden everyone but yourself knows when you baby is hungry & needs a diaper change
*slight whine*
peanut gallery-"she hungry."
her mother-"no she just ate"

This post was mostly a rant
& to say
YOU are  your childs mother
YOU know what is best for them
TRUST your motherly instincts & do not let ANYONE make you believe otherwise

& now a picture of my cute CHUNKY baby that I snapped after my session this weekend to lighten the situation!