Thats right people 3 days until Disney & Flordia!
I am pretty proud of myself for getting what wasn't done a few days ago DONE!
All of our bags our packed & on their way to Florida as I type! WHOOP!
One dog is less hairy & smelly!
I just mowed the grass {I FREAKIN JUST CUT IT Saturday}
Can I just say I don't do grass or well anything that I feel a husband would do
but I did...TWICE!
Good wife.
So that is done.
House is spring cleaned {except our room which look like a tornado hit it}
& both living rooms are rearranged
I am pretty much wonder woman
This MAY be my last post until Friday
When be leave
But I have some kick-bomb guest posts to share all next week!
By the way during the time I am gone I am on the 2ww. 
Oh well I will take AF if she decided to present herself
& still try to enjoy myself 
on this much much much need vacation!