The things they don't tell you.
Yes you, that just had the baby
or you still pregnant.

I am gonna fill you on in something they don't tell you.
Are you ready for this?

You know your gorgeous locks that are probably realllly long
& shiney  from all those wonderful prenatals?

Welp, brace yourself.
All of it will fall out.
Mine was about at 3 months postpartum!

Ok, not all of it.
But seriously hair loss is brutal.
I am going on 6 months after Bug
& handfuls
comes out while washing my hair.
looks like a chew-bacca

Don't even get me started it on your brush
even more comes out
& your brush
looks like it needs to be brushed.

Just thought I would let you know, since this was news to me as I pulled out a glump of hair!