I really don't have too too much to blog about! 
I am CRAZY busy with sessions, like seriously. 
Its redonk. 
On top of that I am finishing spring cleaning, packing because are bags need to be with his mom by tonight.
They are empty.
Nothing is in them.
So you can see that is going well.
I have to take at least one of the dogs to the groomer, if she has enough time then two of them.
I have a shaggy dog sitting in the front of the door.
& a small smelly one beside me.
Obviously that task went as fabulously as the last task.

So I needed to blog, & sense I havent done a favorite things post in while; only because they are about the same month to month. But now I have new things! :)

Bright Starts exersaucer.

Its the shiz.
Kennedys will play in this thing forever.
Hitting the piano, furiously jumping up & down & spinning. Its awesome!

Nuk & Avent 4 & 6 month trainer cups.
Now Apparently this needs a whole post in itself because I have gotten tons of questions on them from pictures of Kennedy.
WE decided this was right for OUR daughter.
She will only take the Nuk, & the Avent with a transitional nipple {if you are thinking about using these I HIGHLY recommend using one of these, because it gets them used that much liquid intake.It is also included with the cup as well as the tip} She hasn't quite master the harder tip. Anyway we love them & the trainer handles are also amazing she hold her cups all by herself!

Vtech Rhyme & Discover book.
MUST take everywhere.
We do not leave the house without it. Well Kennedy wouldnt let us anyways. It entertains her.
I know every word, every song.
She loves the lights & each page you can move something on a slider. Which she loves.

Munchkin Travel Kit
Ok if you have baby still in diapers, do me a favor.
Go to your local walmart & buy this baby.
I keep it in my diaper bag. I easily take just this out when we are a resturant instead of lugging my diaper bag. Or just a quick errand, but you don't want to be without just incase you have a blow out. you can just take this. Seriously. Its awesome. Get one.

Palmolive Baby - Bottle,toy & dish wash
I don't wash bottles in the dishwasher. I don't know why. I just am weird about the chemicals I think. Anyway, I found this soap & I love it. You know when you accidentally leave a bottle on the end table over night. Yes you, it's ok everyone has done it. Don't lie, you have. Well this is made to take off milk & its residue. Then its totally the shiz for cleaning my tubs for baby food. & it is gentle formula & smells good :)

That's all I can think of right now.
When I will get back I will do a favorite thing {travel edition}
Which im pretty excitied about. 
Because I already have gotten things I love!
Ps this post has random huge spaces in it.
I don't know why.
Deal with it ;)