So, Becky over at From Mrs to Mama has been doing these "seriously" posts & the past few days I have been starting several sentences with this starting them. So Becky, I am stealing your idea for this one post in which I will vent.

Seriously, its 53 degrees outside. Ridiculous.

Seriously, If I have to cancel one more session due to the weather, or one more person cancels a session after having it booked for over a month I may kill either A)mother nature B) my messed up schedule.

Seriously, Kennedy never cries; only when she is about to go to sleep cause she fights it. & now will seriously scream/cry for a good 15 minutes cause of these stupid pearly whites. Seriously they are going to fall out anyways why must my happy baby be so miserable.

Seriously, has anyone heard of Infant night terrors? According to my research they start at toddler age but I think Kennedy may have them, or it could be just from those stupid teeth again. She will wake up in a full out scream & go back to sleep. It is VERY scary {if you know any info please comment}

Seriously, the drs office has rescheduled her 6month check up FIVE times in TWO days. Get your shit together receptionist. Now I have to see the NP that doesnt agree with a thing I do with my child.

Seriously, if more person announces they are pregnant on FB I may die

Seriously, IF sucks

Seriously, I just want to be pregnant already

Seriously, babyfood poop smells so much worst than formula only poop.

Seriously, I just need this vacation already.

& yes my blog if under construction because I havent had time to finish it yet, so bask in the choas that is my blog :)