I feel like I should sit & complain

I have gotten so many questions about what I am wearing to pool this vacation
subtle hint that I am ginormous?

& I should be saying
how bummed I that I am not as skinny as I was pre-baby
how I wont be rockin any sort of a bikini this vacation & summer

But I am not.

When I posted this, it wasn't a reminder for me but to help others.
I understand alot of people struggle with this soft,flabby, marked body we are left with after our babies are born
but let sit back shall we?

Ladies, we brought LIFE into this world
that little boy or girl was inside you
your body gave them LIFE
they are laying there sleeping/crying/pooping/laughing because of YOU
ok so your hubby might have done a little.

I am not shaming anyone that has had these feelings
but this is merely a reminder 
of what a honestly magical thing that took inside of your body

I will be ROCKING a tankini this vacation & summer

& I am proud of my new "mommy body"
sure I could tone up a bit

but honestly, I dont want to be galvanting around in a bikini chasing my baby anyway
{MY prerogative.}

So as we approach these hot summer days
& days sitting at the pool
& you feel like getting down on yourself
you body gave LIFE
be proud that you could do such a thing