Well maybe.
This may be normal, or my husband is just a goon.

I have been watching a little girl 2 days a week.

She was carrying around Kennedy's new "my first cinderella" 

Brandon says "Tara, thats Kennedy's"
Me: "I know, she is just playing with that"

She was drinking out of one of Kennedy's sippy cups.

Brandon: "Isn't that Kennedy's cup?"
Me: "Yes?"

She playing with Kennedy's flower & kept on in her hair.

Brandon: "Now she is wearing her flowers?"

My mom told me to rest assured it is just a "daddy protective" thing.
My dad did the same thing when my friends would come over.

But I cant help but wonder if other dads do this?
Is you hubby/partner protective of the things your baby has?

Sure we spend alot on the the nice things that she has, but if the little girl is just using them here I dont see the tiff in it.

Next Daddy dilemma

Bug is SUCH a mommas-girl.
& loves her da-da

but recently will only take him holding her for awhile before she looks at me & full out SCREAMS.
they can play & play & all of sudden her head flings up & she is look for me, then comes the SCREAMS.

she has gotten better, but I think it is starting to hurt his feelings.