So we had a half birthday party for bug yesterday!
some people may say this is ridiculous
I saw hog-wash.

It was a fun day to get our families together & just celebrate this little miracle.

One thing I have learned now being a mom, thru tragic things that you all of a sudden become aware of when you become a mom is: Tomorrow is not given.

So if I want to give my baby a half birthday then dag-nab-it I am gonna ;)

We only had a few people over
grilled out
opened presents
ate cake
& just played with her cute little self

Wanna see some pictures? 
Thought so.

alot of these are with a point & shoot so they have awful quality 

half of a cake!

half of a candle! :)
momma & baby; papa nappin in the background :P

Joel her god father

new vtech ball! loooove this thing & so does she!
DONT freak out she didn't actually eat any of this.
she just played in it & got a little taste of icing.
hit me with your bad mom stick if you would like
she had FUN!

quick bath in the sink to get alll cleaned up!
Part two is up next :)