Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend recap

Friday we rented The Switch.
A scene all too fimilar with her charting on the back of her bathroom door haha
& stay in cuddling as a family :)
which is my kinda Friday night.
PS the movie def not as funny as they made it out to be. Needless to say, I wouldn't buy it.
Saturday I had a early morning session with an adorable 6 month old.
then we headed up to the carter's outlet
& threw down almost $200!
Got some seriously cute stuff, & her summer wardrobe is pretty much bought!
Plus, we got so many stamps I got alot for free too!

Then Sunday was spent with both families. We spent the morning and afternoon with my family they had just gotten back from Jamaica {LUCKY} & spent the evening with the in-laws!

All around great weekend!
What'd you guys do?


  1. We rented "Switch" last night...and I thought the same thing...not as good/funny as I was hoping. Glad I saw it, bnut one time was enough.

    Hey, would you be interested in particpating in a "Book Exchange"? so basically, you will get a letter and send one book to the child indicated in the letter. you then send out 6 letters and the idea is that you get about 36 books from all over from different people. I thoguht it sounded pretty cool (if everyone actually does there part)and actually got a letter from someone in NY ! Let me know

  2. Sounds like a really fun weekend. For $200.00 dollars I bet you guys bought a TON of stuff from Carters. They have great prices and I do like the things they have. But wow that's a lot to spend in there :)

    I love the photo shoot pic you posted also. So cute. You are so talented.


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