I too joined the vlogging bandwagon. Before you press play, read the following:
1. I am not beating the crap out of her, though it may sound like it, its just a nice firm burping PROMISE haha
2. I know my voice is annoying
3. the slight chest pop was not me being icky, but me simply trying to adjust my back from being hunched over :P
4. excuse my moody baby, it was nap time, she had tummy issues all morning & she zonked right after I recorded haha

Last weeks questions were from The Paper Mama.
They were:
1. Do you have any flowering your yard? Show them
2.Are you watching American Idol? What do you think of the new judges?
3. Tell us something that happened last week?

Ok..press play :)

& my rigged up webcam picture for your viewing pleasure:

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