I haven't link'd up in so long, So i thought I would today.

I am saying so what to..

  • If I cry when I watch "One Born Every Minute" like every episode. every single one.
  • If I haven't wore matching socks in 2 weeks! 
  • If I am giddy as a school girl about going to Disney World in May/June
  • If I have only had two boyfriends my whole life, my second is my husband. 
  • If sometimes when I get home I wait probably longer then I should to let the dogs out of the cage; some days I just don't want to deal with them. {bad dog-mom}
  • If my living room looks like a episode of hoarders, ok its not that bad. But i feel like like death, & laying on couch with bug being sick together is better then cleaning.
  • If I never want to leave Kennedy.
  • If I am totally ready for summer, but the thought of a swimsuit sets me to tears.
  • If I had a slight LH surge last night on my OPK, but didn't BD cause I just didn't feel like it.

What are you saying so what to?