To my daughter,
In one day your whole world can change & that day in my life was this day, one year ago. Da-da & I had just gotten some fancy stuff to try to make you, since it was so hard for da-da & I; this was going to help& with it came one little test. 
For some reason your daddy said go take it. I thought it was waste of a perfectly good test & plus is was the middle of the day! But, I did anyway. & there it was just the faintest of faint lines. No one really saw it, but I did. I knew it was there. I was soo so scared but so happy! You see you have two sibling angels looking down on you from heaven to guide you in life, & momma wanted you to be here for them to watch over. 
So we ordered 20 more tests to make sure you weren't going anywhere! & sure enough each & everyday from this day a year ago you grew a little more!

You see babygirl, on this day I found out I would be a momma. You changed my life forever that day & you were only 2 weeks old! I want you to know how bad we wanted this day to come a year ago. You were so wanted. I want you to know how much you were loved after seconds of seeing that faint pink line. You are so loved. I want you to know how we tried for you a year ago & on this day one year ago; it all paid off! 

This day a year ago, my love started for you & continues to grow everyday.