I've been wondering the last few weeks why do I blog? I started to blog to keep in touch with family, then was embraced with the unconditioned love & support of the infertility & miscarriage community.
Now I blog about product reviews, & new milestones.
But honestly I am so stuck in-between here.

I have been struggling struggling alot with the thought of not having another baby.
With the judgement of possibly trying for another baby, with possible complications.
A lot of you in my new found momma-community, can't relate to the struggles I went thru to get pregnant; or the struggles I am going thru about not being able to have another baby or the judgement.
My all-loving-supportive IF community wants to slap me in the face & say "YO you got your baby stop complainin!"

So lately I haven't blogged much, & if I have it has been stale. I lost 7 followers.
But, what's on my mind & what I want to blog about I feel is un-heard. 
If I put up a struggle with Kennedy I get so much advice & uplifting comments & emails.
If I put up something about struggling with my anger with not having another child, I don't get anything.

I am in the in-between, of mommy community & IF, RPL community.

Do I continue to blog?