*****note I am not a Dr, this is just the research I have found & was given by my Dr, always ask your dr about how much you can take*****

I sent one of the pictures below to a fellow IF & RPL friend. & She was dumb-founded on why I was taking Folic Acid. I also, was commenting to another blogger about my morning TTC regimen explaining a Dr I had saw about my RPL said there was a study that showed taking Folic Acid reduces your risk of miscarrying. I didn't know if I believed it, but hey I was already taking so much what is one more itty pill! Well that is the one thing I did different with  cycles before Kennedy.

So I thought I would do a short post for those TTC, thinking about it in the future & for those who are TTC with RPL.

There was a study in Sweeden that showed women that had low folic acid levels were FIFTY PERCENT more likely to miscarry! FIFTY PERCENT.

It is always recommended that women trying to conceive take folic acid before they become pregnant and into the first trimester, in order to reduce the possibility of birth defects. Folic acid is crucial in the development of the neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord of the fetus. & since over half of pregnancies in the world are unplanned most women do not know they are pregnant til the 4th of 5th week of gestation. At this point, important development has already taken place, and without folic acid, the risk of birth defect can increase by as much as 70%.!

So how much folic acid should you be taking? A month before conception you should be taking 0.4 mg{400 mcg} Then while pregnant it jump to 600-800 mcg while most prenatal vitamins have 800mcg; it is also recommended those with RPL, take 4mg {4,000 mcg} a day. 

I take 1,200mcg a day which includes a prenatal plus a addition folic acid tablet.

Again this is only one study, & it could have been just GOD's will that I didn't miscarry; but I will be taking my folic acid again this round, just in case.