-First off, thanks for the award chicka! Secondly, style..me? Thanks so much! I dont really have inspirations or icons, I generally just like things that are comfortable, but super cute! forever 21 & ralph lauren are where about 90% of my clothes are from!

- nothing ;) just kiddin. Hmm..there is so much! I guess how hard he works! He works so so hard to provide for Kennedy & I, & for me to stay home & for all the wonderful things we have. He never complains ever, & he rarely gets a day off! After working a 10+ hour day he will still come home & ask what he can get ME, or help out with Kennedy. I wish he would sometime take a bit for himself, but it is also one of my favorite things!

-Great question! I have no idea. haha We have had our boy & girl name picked out since my first pregnancy 2 years ago! The girl name was a toss up between Peyton & Kennedy. But, then I just knew Kennedy was our girl name! The boy name won't change, I have had it picked out for years {it was the last name of a dr I was working for} & luckily Brandon has liked them all!

What a popular question! On my 365 page, I started writing where some of her clothes are from. The majority come from my fav 3 places, carters outlet, crazy 8 & Little Sprouts {which is a little shop  here locally} I never buy a whole outfit I generally, will buy a shirt here.. the pants there..ect.
As for her bows & flower, I make alot of them but some comes from Layna Bugg Boutique, she makes some great stuff; for good prices unlike some of the outrageous places on etsy!

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