I am writing to you from the hospital.

We went to the ER last night, due to a fever of 101, alot of vomiting, & she was panting like a dog. They did blood work & a chest xray.

The dr said "the chest xray is perfect" & "her white blood cell count was a little elevated but normal" told us to do pedilyte for 12 hours & she should be fine.

At 3 today I get a voicemail, "Hi this message is Kennedy's mom, we missed on her chest xray that she has pneumonia we need you to come in."...your effin kidding me right? you just "missed that" she is only almost 4 months old.

I am vivid.

I go to my dr's & they send me back to the ER, we get admitted & now it looks like pneumonia & RSV, plus whatever is making her vomit consistently.

They have tried to IV her SEVEN times. & still nothing. IF she doesn't start taking liquids soon we will get transferred to another hospital to do a central line.

When will we catch a break?