I took Kennedy into the Dr cause she spiked a fever. She is ok, just need another med for her nebulizer! We take her to our family doctor; whom I've been going to since I was 5ish. He then asked why my files were being shipped all over the place, since I am leaving my old OB/GYN I was going to do consult with other drs {high risk} & he gets faxs of everything that happens!

Well turns out he can take me on as a patient! with my high-risk-ness {yes I made that a word} But if I start to go early, due to in my cervix {which is incopetent} I would have to sent somewhere else. Anyways, he wants us to do clomid NEXT cycle. He said "times a wastin" which we know. But we REALLY want to do a few cycles naturally, with twins already in both of our generations & the chances with clomid; we need to be fully ready to take that on! & we don't know if we should do a cycle with clomid at all because that maybe our sign we shouldn't proceed. SO MANY DECISIONS.
 Also,he was SO much more positive than the Dr I am leaving. He said it is only a slight incopetentence, rather than my cervix is DONE-ZO, so I may be able to carry alot longer than we were originally expecting!

So AF, is gone. I am hoping I get a positive OPK & hope it doesnt take us over 6 cycles to get pregnant again!