I really didn't think this post would be reoccurring but it looks as tho it maybe a common feature here.

Tonight, Brandon gave Kennedy a bath; his first time. Kennedy usually takes one with me, it is a great bonding time for us. Her & I love it. We have given her one other in the kitchen, but I did the real bathing. 

So I get her bathtub ready, decided against putting the jacuzzi thinger in it, put in the bubble bath, undress bug & hand her off. I thought I would clean our bedroom {since having kennedy it is a disaster} 

Everything sounded like it was going great {I was across the hall} when I heard "hahahhaha babe the jacuzzi is working!" I said whaa? "she is farting so good right now hahahahha" I laugh first at her farting but mostly because of the childish laughter my husband was proclaiming down the hall at our pint size baby girl farting in the tub.

Then I hear, "ewwwwwwwwwwww POOP." "ewww LOTS OF POOP" "OMG come get her" I said your kidding she never goes potty in the tub, & I get "seriously come look at these turds they are everywhere" & he continues to laugh. Such a proud daddy.

Ladies, I give your my husband.

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