Yup, barely but we are ;)
Kennedy = GREAT, she is on antibotic & a breathing treatment if we think she needs one. I dont foreseeing her needing one though, Friday she was great & couldnt wait to get out of that hospital! Luckily we did that evening!

The Dr said, she was great, not contagious & could go about daily things like usual {groceries, trips to nana's ect.} Well I had shelled out a mean over $50 on disney on ice princess for Me, My niece & Kennedy. So I thought well we might as well go. It was in the evening on Saturday & if she had any signs of getting worse we wouldn't go. But she didn't; I on the other hand did.

I had felt nauseous at the hospital but I thought that was probally because of all the stuff Kennedy was going thru {we will touch on that later} Then it started again Friday, & I thought OMG could I be pregnant {slight happy dance, slight scared if I was} I wasn't; for some reason that test felt like a TON of bricks. No we aren't actively trying, but I would now..Brandon not so much. I wasn't expecting the emotions that came with it. But anyway, turns out Brandon & I are dog sick. Kennedy had her first night away from us, which if you a active follwer you know this is obsturd in my mind that my baby would ever be away from me for more than 4+ hours, let alone overnight. But that should also tell you how sick we were. It is one thing if one parent is sick, but both..yeah not fun.

Anyway back to the disney on ice briefly, my 16 week old {17 tomorrow} watched the hole thing, we didn't stay the last 15ish minutes but for the first over 45 min didn't take her eyes off it! {I think that maybe cause she doesn't watch tv the moving lights had her in awe} I was amazed how content she was, as well as the 20 people around us that weren't watching the show but the look on her face. I wish I would have gotten pictures but I was watching her the whole time. Anyway, I made her a princess costume since they dont carry her size, I took a normal dress up top; cut off the front shirt sewed it onto a plain onesie & cut the skirt. I think it turned out great!
i know right? you can't even tell the day before she was in the hospital!

As for the her hosptial visit. it was ridiuclous.
I am gonna get more upset writing about it. But it came down to possibly putting a iv in her head. They dont have a PICU or a NICU & I dont feel comfortable with anyone doing that with out ALOT of experience, so I asked to be transferred. We were treated awful. They tried getting her IV too many times to count. & one women was litterly DIGGIN for her veins for over 4 mins. I couldn't take it when my mom started yelling at the girl {she has done pathology}  The one excuse me but biatch, said "well if she wasn't SO freakin chunky...mom" seriously? Kennedy went thru so so so much, her feet have sores ALL over from getting blood drawn. & the they can't even give me a definite on that it was that she had. I feel like that did nothing, & she went thru all of that for no reason; we could have gotten thru it at home with less stress & hurt.
I have never ever gone thru so much physical pain before for another person.

I have lots more posts coming at you, prepare your reader ;)
But, I have a house clean, I need rest still {I still feel awful; but mommas don't have time to be sick} laundry & a husband to tend to, all the while tip-toeing around are precious baby!

In the mean time, could we a vote? puuuhhh-lease!?

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