Like I said in a post or two back, since Kennedy's apnea monitor is gone; we got the angelcare monitor! & for those mommas thinking about it, I wanted to tell ya'll what I thought...GET IT!

It is amazing! We can only use it in her bassinet obviously so when we are bed-sharing it doesn't work as well..which is where I'm thinking to get the snuza. Butt, I love that it tells the temp in the room, it has a nice little night light on the receiver, my end vibrates if it has a alarm & since she does sleep right next to us you don't get the "microphone too close shriek" It also lights up so you can see what is displayed on the screen in the middle of the night. Oh, & for those of you who always lose your cellphone. keys, remote..yes you.. they have a page button to help you find the remote if you lose it!

see it looks like a angel :)
There is also a feature called "tick" it ticks whenever it detects movement/breathing; I was just informed it is also known as the "psycho mom feature"....I totally use it. & love it! It gives me such a piece of mind. 

My one complaint is you can put it on the noise feature so it goes off when baby cries, I don't like that she need to be screaming for it too pick up, whereas a normal monitor is on all the time so I can even pick up on the light whines.

So, pretty much what I am saying is..if you are losing sleeping wondering about SIDS/your baby breathing, I think this is defiantly worth the investment!

PS wanna see Kennedy in the outfit I made? Check it out on the 365 page