Monday, March 7, 2011

vloggin it up

I too joined the vlogging bandwagon. Before you press play, read the following:
1. I am not beating the crap out of her, though it may sound like it, its just a nice firm burping PROMISE haha
2. I know my voice is annoying
3. the slight chest pop was not me being icky, but me simply trying to adjust my back from being hunched over :P
4. excuse my moody baby, it was nap time, she had tummy issues all morning & she zonked right after I recorded haha

Last weeks questions were from The Paper Mama.
They were:
1. Do you have any flowering your yard? Show them
2.Are you watching American Idol? What do you think of the new judges?
3. Tell us something that happened last week? play :)

& my rigged up webcam picture for your viewing pleasure:

For Wednesdays vlog question check out Adelines Daddy!


  1. Your voice is far from annoying -- you are lovely and brave! I am scared to death of anything webcam related -- *heh*!

  2. this was cute. & your voice was not annoying at all. :]

  3. Oh My God.....You crack me up! I know you don't know me....but seriously you make me LOL! My coworkers look at me funny!

    It really does sound like you are beating her!!! LOL.

    And I love your accent.


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