Thursday, March 17, 2011


I got a email to review
I thought what the eff am I gonna make into a big ol sign.
Little did I know, they have tons of stuff!

I choose to do a banner, & get two art prints!

Alright so I think to myself; I will make a little banner for over the fireplace or something for Kennedy's first birthday right? 
Wellll....I apparently looked at the dimensions wrong. & I got this.

That is with my camera flush with the ceiling haha.
So, we will defiantly be "those parents" proudly showing it is their child's birthday on their garage door.
I am pretty freakin excited!
A) for how freakin huge it is, her picture is in amazinnngg quality. Like really it is awesome
B) I kind of wish I would have not  put 1st on their simply because this baby could probably with stand a hurricane. The canvas is great & thick!

On to the art prints!

I did one of our wedding & one of Kenndy & I!
Again awesome quality & they have a nice thickness to them.

So, I know all you momma's take lots a pictures, & have bday's comin up 
so get your hiney over to & see all of their sweet products!

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. :)

    Your little miss Kennedy is just precious. What a blessing.

    Also I just love the buildasigns that you made. I will definitely have to check this out.

    You mentioned that seeing my blog gave you hope. I just want you to know that it makes me so happy to see that what happened with us can help others to believe in their own situations. I do believe God will give you another child, Maybe not in the time that we prefer but he will do it :)


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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