Friday, March 4, 2011

quick post: DIY {momma addition}

Well, I wanted to make Kennedy's easter outfit, simply because the outfit I wanted was a mean $40!

So I made my first outfit for her today, it isn't her easter outfit. But, it is the easter tutu I made for her. Just not the shirt I made, I just wanted to make more than one shirt to match the tutu! 

The sewing is a little off, but its my first one!
But hey, it was made by momma, from the heart ;)

Tell me whatcha think!

On the re lactation front: FYI possible TMI, burping up Fenugreek, is wayy icky. It taste like 2 day old strong syrup :S

& uhhh, we drop 10 spots!
can we get a vote...plllllease!
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  1. I voted :)
    & cute outfit! Shes gonna look so dang cut in it

  2. Oh my goodness! So incredibly adorable!!!!

  3. Oh god. Fenugreek *shudders* tastes horrible but it works!
    Loooove that outfit! I wish I knew how to sew. Seriously.

  4. I think this is so cute! Awesome job.... I'm not much of a DIY when it comes to clothes... I have no talent in that department:)


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