Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nope not the exciting news yet

but wanted to thank everyone that has taken the survey below thus far, if you haven't yet; umm do it! :)

I haven't really touched base on how Kennedy has been!
She is back to her normal self, BUT; we are pretty much dependent on a nebulizer
we do it 4x's a day
if we don't she sounds like she can't breath at all.
my vicks vaporizer is on constantly; & my home sounds like a vicks factory
I don't think it is so much her being sick, but I think maybe the crazy doctors were right on the mucus in her lungs
so the albertol should clear her up within a few weeks

she looooves the mask! 
I do the mask just when she is awake, purely cause she loves it
i do at least two a day when she is sleeping & just use the handle

if she didn't look so happy, these would break your heart


  1. She is a peach and so darn cute -- even with that mask on! Took the survey -- LOVE the new blog look!

  2. she is so beautiful!!! and that little smile!! goodness! what a champion!

  3. She looks like a baby doll with those huge-normous eyes! Gorgeous, even with a mask!!! Love the new layout, btw!


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-tara :)


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