Sunday, March 20, 2011

it happened.

today I became offically the worst mom in the world.
I put Kennedy on the couch sitting up in the corner of the pillow & back of the couch. I was between the couch & the coffee table cleaning it. & she wants so bad to sit up by herself she always does like a sit up thing...
....& that is when......

she fell off the couch.

I cried, she cried.
It was awful.

On a side note, we randomly decided to do family pics today.
I have been wanting some obviously but I am always behind the camera not in it!
I had sooo many ideas, but just couldn't do them.
My photog friend said she would help me out!
& she totally got my vision!
Here are some sneaks, I will add some more thru out the week!

Photographed By: Morgan Ruth Photography


  1. You are NOT the worst mom in the world; it happens to a lot of moms (and dads). In fact something similar happened to me when Evelyn was just two weeks old.

    I love the family pictures; can't wait to see more. :)

  2. You are not a bad mom!!! That happens to everyone.. I am sure something similar will happen to me abs Olivia.

    I love the pictures!! Amazing :)

  3. Those family pics are lovely! And you're not a bad mom!

  4. You are so not a bad momma! Rylin is trying so so hard to sit up! We used to keep her bouncer on the island in our kitchen and I finally had to put it on the floor because every time I put her in it she sits forward! It's ridiculous I thought they weren't supposed to sit up for a few more months! Anyhoo your family pics are beautiful!

  5. You are NOT a bad mama!!! I think it happens to a lot of other mama's out there. It's even almost happened to Laila but I caught her in time. Don't beat yourself up about it, dear!
    The family pictures are absolutely stunning!

  6. I did the same thing a few weeks ago...Aydan fell off the couch! Did you not learn anything from my blog...blahahahaha Just joking.

    We can be in the worst mom group together :)

    Love the pictures! They are so good!

  7. So not the worst mom in the world but your daughter is the cutest little girl in the world, o.k. second to mine, but I am biased. :)

  8. Well if you're the worst mama in the world, I will share the title this weekend because it happened for the first time at our house, too! I just ran to get a diaper from the laundry room and I came back and she was not only on the floor, but she had somehow flipped and done a 180 so her feet were against the couch. she only cried for a second and was fine. I think I was just thanking my lucky stars that I didn't have a broken bone or sore baby on my hands...daddy would have been scolding me on that one!

    Those little ladies are officially mobile!

  9. aww Tara, that is not even close to being a bad mom! I think the majority of mothers have had that happen once.. if not twice! It always seems to be on the couch or bed when a baby learns to roll over haha!

  10. You are not a bad mom! It happened to me! I wasn't even cleaning. I was jabbering away not paying attention. My little guy toppled over and landed on his head!!! His head! Gah! I look back and laugh at myself... Bec we got to. Laugh at ourselves!


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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