Sunday, March 6, 2011

the days..

when dreams seemed so..uh do-able. This is another venting post, as with my last rant ; brace yourself, sorry if I offend.

I was watching the end of the Craigslist Killer.. I know what you are thinking..where are you going with this Tara.. at the end of the movie it "goes back" to the women & her fiancĂ©e laying in the grass talking about their future home, how it will have a giant oak tree in the front lawn..big enough for a tree house..for their 3 kids..when she interrupts with no 4 kids..actually 5; 4 boys & 1 girl so she is well protected, she says.

I lost it. IT ISNT FAIR. How nice it must be to be able to say "lets have 5 kids" & it completely possible.

Remember when I said, I would learn to deal with all this but probably cry along the I cried.

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  1. I feel the same way. It's not that easy for me. I mean....I'll be lucky to get one more. I TOTALLY understand.


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