Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nursery update!

Thought I would do alittle catch up on the nursery, really not much has changed. but we are slowly getting there. I am going to try to get alot done the next two weeks so I thought I would show you all where we are at now.
Heres the progress.

{before 1}
this was actually the picture of our house when it was for sale on-line before we bought it; & it was my room as a teenager :)
{after 1}
{before 2}
dresser-hand-me down

{after 2}
flower materials-made my me-4$
I will add as we go! :)


  1. Your nursery is stunning... as I am a lover of all things purple. But the color combination is amazing! (And why have I never seen this bedding @ Target???) Also, I am new to your blog so sorry if this is a redundant question... but did you paint the walls yourself? I love the detail...

  2. cyn-
    i love purple too!
    & yes i painted it myself, you can def tell if you look very closely that the lines arent exactly straight haha

  3. I love it!!!! I really like the purple strips!


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