Thursday, May 12, 2011


where has it went?
My blog everyday promise is now broken :(
seriously the days have been so busy

first off, kennedy is all over the place
now after my breaking news post, she has yet to crawl forward; not to worry tho she goes backwards haha 
she has been trying pull herself up on everything!
we started having her in her own room at night, I had a mild breakdown; I have went & gotten her every night
we have yet to do a full night; but she did nap in there yesterday
She turns freakin 6 months next week! 
we have her half birthday party on Sunday, I can't wait to share those pictures
we in baby-food-making-mode, she has had green beans & sweet potatos thus far
she also has been having some problems with her reflux, so the dr suggested yogurt+juice bottle
I give her one in the morning, & she loves it

The weather has been fabulous, I don't know if I have mention before but last year Brandon bought the most hillbilly truck ever. I secretly love it; & there is no secret I love mid-evening drives in the country with the loud thing!

We leave for Florida in 2 weeks, I am no where near ready. I have been babycenter-ing it up looking for exactly how to travel with infants, not tips on how to make it better; but like umm what do you do with the stroller & everything? If you have answers send um my way!

Since it has been nice I havent had to re-schedule any sessions so litterly I am booked all but about 4 days in the next 2 weeks! I have been working my tail off.

So this post really turned into a catch-up post. I promise for a more defined one when I get more than 10  mins, bug just got up so now she wants to play! 


  1. holy moly! pulling herself up already?!? (tear) Rylin will be 6 months tomorrow! I am an emotional wreck just thinking about how fast time is flying by

  2. I love the pictures in the truck!

    are you flying? you can take the stoller up to the gate and then they will check it and put it under the plane for you. we traveled by plane when aydan was just 3.5 months and in a car for 13 hours when he was 4.5 let me know if you have any questions :)

  3. I second what Dana said if you're flying. In fact, we gate checked the infant seat too to save it from all the damage carseats get from being checked. I also dosed Elliot with baby motrin before our plane trips, and made sure he was sucking on his paci during landing and takeoff.
    I really can't believe she is not only sitting by herself already, but crawling and trying to pull up on things too!!! Wow! Such a smart girl :)

  4. Definitely check your stroller in at the gate. The stewardesses are usually very accommodating when you're traveling with an infant. Bring a paci or bottle for her to suck on during take-off and her ears should be fine. I'm a new reader to your lovely blog, can't wait to read more! We have a baby girl who is turning 6 months old on Sunday so I can totally relate! Have a safe trip!


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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