Monday, May 2, 2011

CIO: why it doesn't work for US.

I know what your thinking, gesh 3 posts one day. ;)
I just got done dying my hair{saving $$} & I thought I would post about what just happened.
& alot of you ask about my parenting style. I also enjoyed reading different styles while I was pregnant.
This is not in our parenting method. Some do it, some don't. 
This is why we don't.
As I have posted already, that to me a baby up until one or even older cry for a reason.
If it is to held, then they most need comforted.
That is the way babies talk.
I am the person that is put on this earth to meet her needs.
If it is to held, then she will be held.

Also, the reason for this post is; I was just dying my hair.
Kennedy was playing as always on her mat, contently.
But as I was applying the dye & making quite a mess
she started crying, I couldn't do anything
my hands were full of dye. 
I had already dropped some from my head on the floor walking out to try to comfort her by singing & talking to her
on top of that, for some reason the fumes from this dye was unreal I could barely breathe (it was that new foam deal)

I didn't even wait the full time, cause by this time she was screaming.
So as I washing it out, I started crying cause there was nothing I could do.
I thought how selfish I was, all for some stupid hair; dumb I know.

Anyway, by the time I got to her
she was sweaty,& couldn't catch her breath
I picked her up, she clinched on to my arms so tight, she sighed "ma-ma"
& feel to sleep.

On top of the emotional toll it took on me
my baby needed comforting
I am supposed to do that
This is why we do not use CIO.


  1. we don't use it either and have never intentionally tried but Rylin did the same cold sweat cry on the interstate one day and i could not pull over for a while. i felt so bad and helpless!

  2. i feel ya! i can't stand to hear my baby cry and it is the worse when there is nothing you can do about it. i was driving the other day and i pulled over just to pick her up out of her carseat and calm her down. when she starts to sweat and turn red i just cant!

  3. Elliot has NEVER cried it out. I totally agree- babies this age cry FOR A REASON, even if it's just to be cuddled and held. They have no other way of communicating! I don't believe in self soothing, either.
    It's annoying because right now, I'm staying with my family {so I didn't have to live alone} while my husband is overseas. My stepmom is CONSTANTLY telling me how to parent my child, and she thinks I'm "ruining" my child by picking him up every time he cries. She always tells me to just let him cry, that it'll be good for him, that he'll cry himself to sleep, that he needs to self soothe. I've told her 100 times I don't believe in it. I'm the mother, I'm here, I WILL COMFORT MY CHILD, darn it!
    Okay, mini rant done :)
    How did your hair turn out, since you had to stop early?


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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